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 Rated Ranking

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PostSubject: Rated Ranking   Thu Mar 31, 2011 3:47 pm

Rated guild ranking system has a three subcategories for a total of ten ranks. Any officer can start a Rated BG group, but only officers can run them. If there is not a rated group running request an officer to see if one can be made.

Guild Masters

1.) Guild Master (GM): Our Guild Master runs the guild, the website, oversees everyone under him, and has the same resposibility of all of our officers. ie Runs battlegrounds, helps members with their class, review applications.

2.) Assistant GM: Assists the GM in all of his duties with the guild, and has the same level of responsibility and authority.


3.) Rated Officer: Are officers within the guild and have extensive knowledge on how to play, gem, enchant etc, to help make you the best of your class. They also review applications on the forums and lead Rated Battleground / Raid groups .


4.) Core Rated: Members within this guild that have proven themselves time and time again and have had exceptional performance.

5.) Rated Member: These members have gone through the trial and rookie phases in which they have proven themselves, and are considered full fledged members. Rated members will be promoted to core rated if they are frequently on and continuously demonstrate mastery of their class.

6.) PvE Member: These are members specifically recruited to help the guild progress in pve content, these members have proven that they know how to play there role in the raid and do it exceptionally. pve members can request to be tested for a promotion to core rated if they think their pvp skills are good enough in pvp also.

9.) Inactive: Members that are past the trial stage of the guild, that have had more then 14 days of not logging on.


7.) Rated Rookie: These players have gone through the trial period but may still need some work on the strategies for Rated Battlegrounds or a higher arena rating, and are still proving themselves within the guild. ie more games.

8.) PvE Rookie: These are players specifically recruited for pve purposes and are still proving themselves to the guild that they are reliable in raids. This rank indicates you are still in the pve trial phase of the guild and have not been recognized as a member.

10.) Rated Trial: Players that are new to the guild that need to read and understand the strategies for Rated Battlegrounds, and prove themselves to the officers that they not only can play at our level, but will also provide a valuable contribution to our guild
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PostSubject: Re: Rated Ranking   Tue May 17, 2011 1:46 pm

this needs updating.

i think the "co -leader" rank is not nessessary. half the guild ranks are just various ranks of officers.

32 also talked about removing "core rated" to put in another rank for PvE, which is a great idea imo

when i type in /Officer i want to be talking to a select few, not 2/3s of the guild.
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PostSubject: Re: Rated Ranking   Tue May 17, 2011 3:13 pm

Indeed, ranks have been changed around. Thanks Slapflap for all the help and support in maintaining the guild. Glad to have you
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PostSubject: Re: Rated Ranking   

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Rated Ranking
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