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 What is Rated guild: Answers here

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PostSubject: What is Rated guild: Answers here   Fri Mar 11, 2011 11:56 am

Rated guild is full of Gladiators, Arena Masters, High Warlord, 2200+ players. Could say we are the new • Respectable Gentlemen but stronger and will always be around. We are geting xfers glads, Arena masters and 2200+ players daily.

We host guild events, Raid SW daily, Run rated bgs every night and win (went 100% the last few days. Witch is our average) 2 BfG games last night witch we 3 caped. We are very strong and organized. The games only as fun as the people you play with. We do Guild Last man Standing, Soon a Server vs Guild Last man standing, in STV arena.

This is a high end guild, we dont settle for anything but the best. Why else do it unless you go all the way. Guild will be around until the end of wow.

If you have the skill and mindset to get into our BGs, you can expect the atmosphere to be laid back but very competitive. Unlike most guilds that just run a core 10 man, Rated will be pulling skilled players into the groups as needed so do not panic if you dont get in. We will build trust with each other as a guild, not a 10 man group. By doing this, we shall ensure participation throughout the whole guild.

For any other questions, consult with one of the online officers.

18+ age guild

2100+ players dont need to app

:::Rated guild:::

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What is Rated guild: Answers here
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