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 War Games Week

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PostSubject: War Games Week   Sat Apr 02, 2011 12:00 pm

As you know 4.1 will be upon us soon. When it does hit there will be a lot of changes to rated battlegrounds. Since we pride ourselves not only on our win to loss ratio, but also our ability to adapt we will be canceling rated bg's for the week it hits. Although there will be no rateds we will be running in guild war games. There will be 2 purposes to doing these war games.

1. To update our strats and adjust them to the new changes. Not to mention a new BG will be added in 4.1 so we want to get some experience with that on a rated bg setting.

2. We want to provide people chances in the guild to prove to us that they know how we run, can follow directions, and can do their jobs. Participating in war games will give you a chance to prove to us that you can get into the rated groups on a more regular bases. Although the war games are meant to be a fun in guild event, we want you all to take it seriously as if you were playing a legit rated bg.

Keep this in mind if you think you don't want to attend these war games, the more we get in and the faster we get things figured out, the sooner we can get back to running regular rated bg's. We don't want to cancel them for a full week and would love to be done in 2-3 days.
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War Games Week
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