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 Death Knight Guide - Early Stages

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PostSubject: Death Knight Guide - Early Stages   Wed Mar 30, 2011 3:44 am

This is going to be a work in progress. I want to add the following:
    Death Knight Strategies with Popular Comps
    Full Dark Simulacrum List
    Death Knight Gear Set Ups
    Death Knight Glyph Set Ups
    Death Knight Talents

I currently have the following in this guide:
    User Interface Screenshots
    My Personal Keybinds
    Death Knight Macros with Explainations
    Links to Other Great Resources
    Death Knight Comps


User Interface Screenshots:


Order is set as they appear on my bar
See the Macro section for full explainations

    1- Army of the Dead
    2- Empowered Rune Weapon
    3- Unholy Frenzy targeted to my healer
    4- Cancel Aura Macro for:
      Hand of Protection
    5-Pet Huddle
    6- Pet Macro that will:
      Summon pet if none
      Transform pet if present
    7-Chains of Ice Macro for Shadowfeinds
    N- Anti-Magic Zone
    M- Death and Decay Macro
    F- Set Focus Macro
    shift B- Death Coil Pet Macro
    shift V- Use Belt that can:
      Use Invisibility Feild
      Use Rocket Boost
    shift E-Focus Chains of Ice
    shift H- Blood Strike
    shift Y- Summon Gargoyle without Unholy Frenzy
    shift T- Summon Gargoyle with Unholy Frenzy
    Scroll Botton- Mind Freeze
    Scroll Up- Focus Mind Freeze
    alt Scroll Down- Pet Follow
    shift Scroll Down- Pet Attack Focus
    Scroll Down- Pet Attack
    Mouse Button 4- Death Grip
    Mouse Button 5- Focus Death Grip
    Q- PvP Trinket
    W- Plague Strike
    E- Chains of Ice
    T- Necrotic Strike Macro
    Y- Festering Strike
    H- Death Strike
    B- Death Coil
    V- Outbreak
    A- Blood Boil
    S- Pestilence
    Z- Anti-Magic Shell
    X- Horn of Winter
    Special Mouse Button 1- Gnaw
    Special Mouse Button 2- Focus Gnaw
    Special Mouse Button 3- Lichborn with healing if needed
    Special Mouse Button 4- Leap
    Special Mouse Button 5- Focus Leap
    Special Mouse Button 6- Death Pact
    Special Mouse Button 7- Dark Simulacrum
    Special Mouse Button 8- Focus Dark Simulacrum
    Special Mouse Button 9- Icebound Fortitude
    Special Mouse Button 10- Strangulate
    Special Mouse Button 11- Focus Strangulate
    Special Mouse Button 12- Presence Dance Macro
    shift Special Mouse Botton 7- Dark Sim Arena Enemy 1
    shift Special Mouse Botton 7- Dark Sim Arena Enemy 2
    shift Special Mouse Botton 7- Dark Sim Arena Enemy 3
    R- Move Forward
    D- Turn Left
    G- Turn Right

Rolling Eyes

Order is set in relation to how the Keybinds section is layed out

3-Unholy Frenzy targeted to my healer
/cast [target=insertName] Unholy Frenzy

This is used to break any crowd control that will break on damage taken such as
    Freezing Trap

4-Cancel Aura Macro
/cancelaura Lichborne
/cancelaura Hand of Protection

This is used for when a priest is casting Shakle Undead on you while Lichborne is up and to get out of a friendly Hand of Protection.

5-Pet Huddle
#showtooltip Huddle
/cast !Huddle

I am not happy with this macro so far. I would like it to be spamable with my pet never leaving the Huddle buff, only to be removed by pressing a second seperate macro. Right now the Huddle will be canceled on a second press of the macro

6-Pet Macro

/petautocaston Claw
/cast [nopet] raise dead; !dark transformation

This macro will summon my pet if dead and will transform him if I am able too. Also, it will make sure your pet Claw attack is on autocast. You sometimes have to turn off this attack to land Gnaws.

7-Chains of Ice Macro for Shadowfeinds

#showtooltip Chains of Ice
/cast [target=shadowfiend, harm, exists, nodead] chains of ice

This macro will cast Chains of Ice on any hostile Shadowfiend summoned by a enemy priest. This macro was more effective in Wrath when Chains of Ice was more of a root than a slow that it is now.

M-Death and Decay Macro

#showtooltip Death and Decay
/cast !death and decay

This macro will cast your Death and Decay without canceling the green circle if you spam the botton, simple but very effective.

F-Set Focus Macro

/focus target

This macro when pressed, will make your current target your focus target aswell. This is need to change focuses very fast.

shift B-Death Coil Pet Macro

/cast [target=pet] Death Coil

This macro will heal your pet with Death Coil.

shift E-Focus Chains of Ice

#showtooltip Chains of Ice
/cast blood tap
/cast [target=focus] Chains of Ice

This macro will cast Chains of Ice on your focus target. It will also make sure you have the runes to cast this with Blood Tap. Many other Death Knight abilities need to be macroed for focus frame. I will name all those abilities here instead of seperatly:
    Chains of Ice
    Mind Freeze
    Dark Simulacrum
    Death Grip

shift Y-Summon Gargoyle without Unholy Frenzy

#showtooltip Summon Gargoyle
/cast Blood Fury
/use 10
/cast Summon Gargoyle

This macro will make sure all of my personal cooldowns (except Unholy Frenzy) are up before summoning my gargoyle. The /use 10 is my glove slot since I am an engineer. It will also allow me to change the target of my Gargoyle and Ghoul with a second press when targeting the new target.

shift T-Summon Gargoyle with Unholy Frenzy

#showtooltip Summon Gargoyle
/cast [target=slapflap] Unholy Frenzy
/cast Blood Fury
/use 10
/cast Summon Gargoyle

This macro will summon my Gargoyle while I am under the effect of Unholy Frezny in addition to other personal cooldowns. Has the same extra effects as the other Gargoyle macro.

shift Scroll Down-Pet Attack


This macro will make your pet attack your current target.

Scroll Down-Pet Follow and Stop Attack Macro

#showtooltip Mind Freeze

This macro will recall your pet to your side and stop your attack aswell. Often used to prevent the breaking of crowd controls.

T- Necrotic Strike Macro

#showtooltip Necrotic Strike
/equipset PvP
/cast Blood Fury
/use 10
/cast Blood Tap
/cast Necrotic Strike
/cast [@focus] Dark Command

This is my macro for my main attack. This will make sure all minor cooldowns are used when I have uptime on a target. It will also use Dark Command on my main target very often. The purpose of this is to keep enemy healers in combat to prevent drinking.

Special Mouse Botton 1-Gnaw

#showtooltip Gnaw
/petautocastoff Claw
/cast Gnaw

This macro will Gnaw your current target. It will also try and make sure your pet has energy to Gnaw by turning off the auto cast for Claw. To control all of your pet abilites you need to use macros. I will list them here instead of seperatly:

Special Mouse Botton 8-Focus Dark Simulacrum

#showtooltip Dark Simulacrum
/target focus
/click MultiBarLeftButton7

This macro will cast Dark Simulacrum on your focus target. After you have copied a spell, you can send the spell right back at your focus target. This is a very special macro since Dark Simulacrum will not work properly with regular focus macros. This macro is customize to my addons and keybindings. I use the stardard user interface and have my Dark Simulacrums on my left button as shown in the macro. Here is the code for the other bars on the standard user interface while replacing the # with your bind for regular Dark Sim:
    /click MultiBarBottomLeftButton#
    /click MultiBarBottomRightButton#
    /click MultiBarLeftButton#
    /click MultiBarRightButton#
For people using Bartender, here is the code needed while replacing the # with your bind for regular Dark Sim:
    /click BT4Button#
For people using Dominos, here is the code needed:
    /click DominosButton#

Special Mouse Botton 12-Presence Dance Macro

/cast Blood Presence
/cast Unholy Presence

This will toogle you from your main damaging presence to Blood Presence for defence.


Other Great Places to Get Info:



Popular Death Knight Comps in 3v3:

Most cookie cutter comps are going away with the synergy of classes being evened out and every healer able to dispel. Here are some of the worlds highest rated Death Knight Comps tho.

Unknown Name (My Current Comp):
Unholy Death Knight
Retribution Paladin
Resto Shaman/Discipline Priest

Unholy Play:
Unholy Death Knight
Shadow Priest
Restoration Druid

Shadow Cleave:
Unholy Death Knight
Affliction Warlock
Restoration Druid/Restoration Shaman

Frost/Unholy Death Knight
Arms Warrior
Holy Paladin

Unknown Name:
Unholy Death Knight
Frost Mage
Restoration Druid

Boring Cleave:
Unholy Death Knight
Discipline Priest
Restoration Shaman/Restoration Druid/Holy Paladin



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PostSubject: Re: Death Knight Guide - Early Stages   Wed Mar 30, 2011 3:06 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Death Knight Guide - Early Stages   Wed Mar 30, 2011 3:07 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Death Knight Guide - Early Stages   Fri May 27, 2011 4:41 pm

Wow Slapflap this is great man, it's really going to help out with this new DK in the works. Thx man, and great job Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Death Knight Guide - Early Stages   

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Death Knight Guide - Early Stages
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