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 RET/PROT Paladin Application

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PostSubject: RET/PROT Paladin Application   Sun Sep 11, 2011 6:54 pm

You name: Patrick Kincaid

Your age: 26

Characters name: Kennysfall

Server: Frostwolf

Class: Palladin

What does Juke mean: To start casting, then interrupt it prematurely in the hope of having your opponent waste their interrupt on you when you’re not casting.

Do you Juke: No but i can try

You will be required to prove this to us, Ok with that: sure

How Many years you been playing that Class: 2 years

Spec: Ret/Prot

Years playing that spec: 2 years

Witch class's give you trouble in 1v1: Rogue

Do you use keybindings: yes

How many: 17

how many Ability's do you Click: Depends on the class i am fighting. Certain attacks are useless against certain classes. I try to specialize the way I fight depending on who i'm fighting

Wow Armory link (works sometimes.): us.battle.net/wow/en/character/frostwolf/Kennysfall

Vent: I do not have my own


Highest arena team: lol 94 not my best selling point

If bellow 2200 WHY
I used to be into PVE and PVE only. I did not like PVP at all until I started trying them with a friend. Then I decided PVP was way more fun and interesting. I am only recently getting into arena and RBGs. Although I do not like just getting into some random group so I wanted to get into a PVP guild to gain more out of my PVP experience.

BattleGround Rating: 0

Why does Rated Guild want you over another: I don't wine or rage. I always try. I take criticism well, and am will to change based on needs.

What separates you from others that play your class: I wont just bubble and run away if I think I might loose.

What separates you from others that play your spec: I Probably use more skills in my specs then most. I try to make use of even the smallest skills if I think it will better my game.

What can you bring to the table: I'm fun and hard working for my guild. If someone needs help i'm normally the first to respond.

Current Guild: I just left Vorpal Bunny

Time in guild: 3 months

Last 2 guilds: I honestly don't remember. They where guilds that I was just trying to help out because I had friends in them. But all they liked to do for the most part was raid and I wanted more PVP related activities... I mean we are on a PVP server.

Do you know anyone in Rated: How: No but I saw a posting in the forums and decided I would apply.



PVE Experience: Only up to Lich King

How long you been PVE player: I did that for about 1 and a half years

Spec you pve with: IE not spec you like, Witch are you best at: I was best at Prot

Willing to change specs on request: Yes

Hours you can attend events: 3 or 4 a day

Others things you think we should know: It is possible that I could deploy within the next year or so. So I might have to take a leave of absence if called on.

Who do you know in Rated: none

Tell us a little about who you are: I am in the Air Force and I work for the National Air and Space Intelligence Center at WPAFB, OH. I have a wife and two kids. I love anime and video games. I'm pretty laid back so I don't really get mad over much.
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RET/PROT Paladin Application
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