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 Holy Pally application

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PostSubject: Holy Pally application    Mon Jul 18, 2011 10:35 pm

You name: Kenneth Clark

Your age: 18

Characters name:


Holy pally

What does Juke mean:
Fake casting

Do you Juke:

You will be required to prove this to us, Ok with that:
Sure Very Happy

How Many years you been playing that Class:
3 years


Years playing that spec:
2 years

Witch class's give you trouble in 1v1:
Rogue, Warrior, other heals, and frost mage (sometimes)

Do you use keybindings:

How many:

how many Abilitys do you Click:
Maybe 2

Wow Armory link (works sometimes.):

I can use it

Unfortunately no

Highest arena team:

If bellow 2200 WHY
Lol like the WHY because I just started out with arena during cataclysm
and was rolling ret when it got nerfed. Now I'm in another comp with a feral druid and doing much better as holy. Went 14-2 just last week :3

BattleGround Rating:

Why does Rated Guild want you over another:
I'm a good healer and able to keep myself and others up in stressful situations.
What separates you from others that play your class:
Well I guess you could find out I tend to stay at a good distance away from the enemy because I have a longer judgement and I kite like crazy :3 good luck trying to slow me Very Happy

What separates you from others that play your spec:
Well my tree is unique I designed it myself for the maximum output of holy power. Instead of going all the way down the holy tree to get the last spell I went into the prot and ret tree prot for the WoG chance and more healing and then ret for longer judgement better healing and more holy power.

What can you bring to the table:
A good healer that's able to keep a tank up in a rated battleground. Also a good healer that can keep people up in stressful unideal arena situations and not die.
Current Guild:
In a guild with friends called Flying ninjas (dumb name in WoW I know)
Time in guild:
A couple of months
Last 2 guilds:
Phoenix Ascendant
Pravous imortalious

Do you know anyone in Rated: How:
Yup I know Faetalx, Natsu, Chololo, Doc, Hakkia, pyromaniac and others forgot there names e.e lol but I know Faetalx because I live with him. Chololo(justin) I know from LoL and the rest I was doing rated battle grounds with last night. =D



PVE Experience:
Well I have done BWD 5/6 and BoT 1/4 but I know all the fights to them To4W I have done 1/2 but I know how to do both fights.

How long you been PVE player:
About 3 years now.

Spec you pve with: IE not spec you like, Witch are you best at:

Willing to change specs on request:
Only if needed and if I have the gear.

Hours you can attend events:
Just ask usually 6-11

Others things you think we should know:
Uhh for raiding nope :3

Who do you know in Rated: I know Faetalx, Natsu, Chololo, Doc, Hakkia, pyromaniac and others forgot there names e.e

Tell us a little about who you are
I'm a 18 year old that just likes to play the game how it is and not looking for drama. Hate it e.e
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Holy Pally application
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