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 Beth'tilac FL- raid boss

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PostSubject: Beth'tilac FL- raid boss   Sat Jun 11, 2011 4:37 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Beth'tilac FL- raid boss   Sat Jun 11, 2011 5:49 pm

Ok, so what I have done here is posted screen shots from the new raid ID book. This new book will be a feature coming out in 4.2 and is currently viewable on the PTR. Now rather than asking every one of our raid members
to go and make a character on the PTR in order to read this, I'm making it as simple as possible for us to look at this information as a whole and also put up our strategies for the fights with the information in front of you. I'll be
working on the rest of the fights over the course of this weekend so that come 4.2 everyone will have time to read and be ready to roll in and kick ass and take names. If you feel there is something im not addressing with my
feel free to post suggestions.

With that said lets move on to Beth'tilac.

here is a vid for you to watch, they dont really do everything 100% correct but it gives you a feel for how the fight works


so phase 1 she goes up on to the second floor of her web, the only way up is by taking the strings of the cinderweb spinners. So phase 1 will start off with half the raid group going up to fight her and the other half staying down below the web to fend off the adds moving forward to try and help her. From what I've seen in videos of this fight, the idea behind winning this fight is kind of like nefs where you try and push as much of her health before the final phase without getting overwhelmed.

Tanks: for phase 1 we are sending one tank to go and tank beth while the other is tanking the drone while kiting it away from the spiderlings trying to heal it. The Beth tank needs to be the first person who moves up onto the web accompanied by a healer. Both jobs are going to be pretty simple during phase 1. The Drones tank is to make sure it is never facing towards the raid as it will do a spit that hits for nearly half health.

: May not have too much healing to do during this part except for the one who goes up into the web. Depending on how rough that is on healers we may rotate healers so that they can preserve mana each time the tank has to return to the top of the web. since each person that is up there is taking 20k a second we may only be able to afford sending 1 or 2 dps up there at a time.. This is one of the things we will have to test out when we go in there.

DPS: There will be 1 or 2 dps going up into the web each time there job up there is to dps beth hard and fast, but must avoid meteor crashes. The meteor hits for 40k which is brutal on your healer to heal through that on top of the 20k dot. All the other dps will work to quickly kill the spinners, and the drones. The drones have an energy bar like beths and if they run out before they die they will go up top and drain hers. From what I can tell this entails a faster phase push which is what we dont want. For Dps drones have to die before that energy bar hits 0, if they dont i imagine its a wipe. One last duty for the dps is to slow down/cc the spiderlings that will come to heal the drones, this duty may be placed on a dk or mage depending on what we have.



When she enters phase 2 there will be no more adds except for the spiderlings which will heal her if they reach her. This phase is really a burn phase and try to kill her before your healers oom. The spiderlings will still be spawning, I'm not sure exactly how much room we have to move around, but if we can move the boss we will aim to move her to a wall away from the spiderling spawn zones this way the funnel in from a general direction and we can have ranged placed there to slow and kill when they come. If this cant be done then we will have ranged placed at each spawn so they can slow them and provide the raid time to move and kill them. Tanks will have to taunt off another when one receives the widows kiss, im unsure of how fast she applies it, but the goal would be to have the tank without one tanking her, this may mean stacking it until the other tank can taunt off. tanks should stand on opposite sides of the boss due to the aoe the debuff places on them. For the healers this phase is rough the goal would be to have as many people stacked on 1 spot except for the tanks. due to the 20k dot now hitting the entire raid. For healers all i can say is keep people up without ooming yourselves to fast.
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Beth'tilac FL- raid boss
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