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 Enhancement Shammy app

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PostSubject: Enhancement Shammy app   Sat May 14, 2011 10:35 am

You name: Wayane

Your age: 28

Characters name: Shibasaurus

Server: Suramar

Class: Shaman

What does Juke mean: Depends on the way you are using it. In PvP, the good players juke cast to prevent being spell locked.

Do you Juke: Every chance I get, don't need to very often in Enh spec

You will be required to prove this to us, Ok with that: Definitely

How Many years you been playing that Class: Been on a Shaman for 5 years

Spec: Enhancement

Years playing that spec: 5 as well as Resto

Witch class's give you trouble in 1v1: The only class that I struggle with 1v1 is a good Aff lock that juke casts and kites. Doesn't happen very often.

Do you use keybindings: Yes

How many: 24

how many Abilitys do you Click: 3. Purge, Feral Spirit and Shammy Rage since they are not used as often, I do not have to waste a key bind on them. Also click to use Healbot.

Wow Armory link (works sometimes.):

Vent: Yes

Mic: Yes

Highest arena team: 2400 season 2, and again season 4(Rogue)

BattleGround Rating: N/A (Horrible PvE server had no one to rated with)

Why does Rated Guild want you over another: I can guarentee there is no better Enh Shaman out there. I have been playing and pvping since release and despite my lack of achievements for PvP, I have no doubt I will be a great addition for your guild. I put raiding with my fiance over my personal pvp achievements but she is no longer able to raid due to her college/work schedual so I am not free to join a PvP server/guild and love life.

What separates you from others that play your class: My skill and ability to adapt to new challenges. I refuse to be a bad player.

What separates you from others that play your spec: Everything. Skill, attention to detail, knowledge of every other class and how to beat them.

What can you bring to the table: I can bring a spot in your group that you can always rely on to get the job done. I have no interest in being a weak link or being carried. If I am not the best, I am not happy.

Current Guild: N/A

Time in guild: N/A

Last 2 guilds: The Art of Ruin; Spoon

Do you know anyone in Rated: How: Unfortunately I do not. Thirtytwo posted on my thread and this is exactly what I am looking for.



PVE Experience:

How long you been PVE player: Since release.

Spec you pve with: IE not spec you like, Witch are you best at: Resto and Enhancement, equally good at both.

Willing to change specs on request: Yes but fuck no if it's ele that spec takes no skill ><

Hours you can attend events: I can make 6pm-11pm eastern time on weekdays, and any time on weekends pending real life plans.

Others things you think we should know: I will have no problems proving my skill and worth despite my not having PvP achievements due to being a PvE'er for my fiance (The things we sacrifice for women ><)

Who do you know in Rated: N/A

Tell us a little about who you are: I am an advid pvp'er and sports junky. I am always up for having fun and cracking jokes and just enjoying life but at the same time I am a perfectionist. I refuse to fail at anything that I do. I am engaged to an amazing woman who thankfully is not a PvP'er so we won't be getting into arguements over how bad she is lol.
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PostSubject: Re: Enhancement Shammy app   Sun May 15, 2011 2:28 pm

The character your apping on does not show arena experience past 2k. I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you acheived your advertised rating of 2400 on a different toon.

The rest of the app looks good. You can pst Slapflap or anyother officer ingame for a trial run once you have transfered over.
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PostSubject: Re: Enhancement Shammy app   Sun May 15, 2011 5:50 pm

hey you said that you went 2400 on a rogue, but you are applying for a shaman, its nice and all that you hit 2400 with a rogue, but its not the character you are asking us to recruit. Not to mention you told us this without even providing your rogues armory, so in my book saying you are 2400 without the proof is not saying much, we get a lot of people who bs about their ratings here thinking we cant do background checks, not saying you are bsing, its just our policy to provide proof.

besides this though your gear looks good and all, its just your enhance shaman hasnt achieved many high ratings in arena. I see he hit 2k in 3s this season which is good and would probably warrant an invite to the guild, for at least a trial run. But this is where I have some concerns.

1. enhance shammys are one of the worst mellee classes at the moment which tends to mean that unless you are a complete master of the class, we are going to probably sit you more than use you.

2. if we were to put you on trial and you were to show us that you weren't quite rated material, we will probably kick you leaving you without a guild, and right now frostwolf horde doesnt have too many good pvp guilds, which probably means you could potentially waste money transfering here rather than to tich or blackrock

basically its a risk you must choose to make. If you truly think that your enhance shammy is at top quality and will beat out any other player, then make the transfer and we will trial you. If you still question whether or not you are at that level yet, then i suggest you may want to look somewhere else, I wouldn't want you to waste your money on a transfer to get kicked from the guild. So make sure you take some time and think it over, and respond back to the post when you know what you want to do.

thanks for apping to rated.
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PostSubject: Re: Enhancement Shammy app   

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Enhancement Shammy app
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