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 Hunter/Warrior/DK App

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PostSubject: Hunter/Warrior/DK App   Tue Apr 26, 2011 11:54 am

You name: Trey Hines

Your age: 27

Characters name: Perfektion/ Apokalyps/ Starskreem (in title order of class)

Server: Frostwolf

Class: Hunter (Perfektion) Main. I'm pretty knowledgeable of most classes

What does Juke mean: Fake cast (wow), or make the opponent believe im going one way and go the other (literal)

Do you Juke: On my hunter (literal)

You will be required to prove this to us, Ok with that: Ok

How Many years you been playing that Class: Hunter (Since Vanilla), Warrior/DK (WoTLK)

Spec: Currently Hunter is MM/MM; Warrior is Arms/Prot; DK is UH/Blood

Years playing that spec: Hunter (Since Vanilla), Warrior/DK (WoTLK)

Witch class's give you trouble in 1v1: Warlocks/Spriest

Do you use keybindings: of course

How many: all COMBAT abilities are keybinded

how many Abilitys do you Click: None for combat

Wow Armory link (works sometimes.):

Vent: Yes

Mic: Yes

Highest arena team: Ever? 2200, in burning crusade

BattleGround Rating: 290

Why does Rated Guild want you over another: Dedicated to Pvp and also enjoy raiding. I'm extremely Loyal. if you could check my guild history i've been in Indomitable my entire time on Frostwolf. Indom was a guild created by friends (i'm the GM) but through life things have changed and some of us just arent able to be very consistent long enough to accomplish much in arenas/rated BG's

What separates you from others that play your class: Maturity/willingness to accept criticisms and learn from others and my mistakes. I'm not the best and i'm always striving for ways to get better.

What separates you from others that play your spec: Years of experience have given me the upper edge in that i have a better understanding the things that i did do wrong and things that i do right along with how to improve in all areas.

What can you bring to the table: Loyalty, dedication to team goals in PvP and in PvE. The reason I apped multiple characters was to show my versatility in playing this game and my willingness to play/do whatever it takes to bring success

Current Guild: Indomitable

Time in guild: Since I've been horde on Frostwolf

Last 2 guilds: SiNS, Indomitable (crushridge)

Do you know anyone in Rated: How: Nothing outside of a few world pvp gankings



PVE Experience: Achieved Kingslayer on my DK for which i am i a very good tank. Have not tanked any raids in Cata except BH but i am definately geared for entry level raids. I've DPSed on my hunter in BWD. I know all current Raids fights as i have been playing my rogue on alliance with a friend.

How long you been PVE player: Since tranq shot was a drop from Lucifron

Spec you pve with: IE not spec you like, Witch are you best at: MM and prot on my melee classes

Willing to change specs on request: what ever it takes to win.

Hours you can attend events: as long as needed if i have to plan for them.

Others things you think we should know: None.

Tell us a little about who you are: Been playing WoW since vanilla, been a little hard to commit fully to the game like id like to becuase im in the navy and my friends whom ive been playing also since the beggining of wow have their own life issues that keep them from committing fully. The navy causes me to to have to leave periodically sometimes for an extended amount of time, but when i am here i'm a pretty hardcore gamer. fortunately my time for travel in the navy is coming to an end. I have more deployment to do and i will be done with leaving the US. I thought this may be a negative point but i want to be honest with you guys. I apped anyways becuase i see rated as a solid PvP/PvE guild and i want to be a part of that. Yes the time off may slow me down like i said i consider myself a hardcore gamer and i've managed to catch back up no matter how long i have been gone. With only more to do i think i can be great asset to the Rated Guild and help continue to build your rep as a solid PvP/PvE squad.
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PostSubject: Re: Hunter/Warrior/DK App   Fri Apr 29, 2011 1:04 am

Please make proper links to your armory if asked.

Apokalyps on Frostwolf does not exist
DK has a kinda bad spec (not too bad, but kinda bad)
I cant judge hunter.

DK/Hunter have no arena experience.

From what I have seen, you need to play more or better PvP before applying ot a high level PvP guild.
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Hunter/Warrior/DK App
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