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 Application - Badbebe

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PostSubject: Application - Badbebe   Tue Apr 26, 2011 11:01 am

You name:
Your age:
Characters name:
Frostwolf, US
What does Juke mean:
Never heard the term. Cause your opponent to lose control of his character for the majority length of the fight?
Do you Juke:
If I guessed the meaning correctly, yes always try my best.
You will be required to prove this to us, Ok with that:
Yes. For what I think it means, it's probably not gonna work well for players with resilience.
How Many years you been playing that Class:
3-4 Years since BC.
Years playing that spec:
The best spec for hunter changes from patch to patch.
Witch class's give you trouble in 1v1:
Mage, prot warrior
Do you use keybindings:
How many:
~14 (All enssiential skills used more than once in a fight)
how many Abilitys do you Click:
~6 (traps, flare, cd macro, etc)
Wow Armory link (works sometimes.):
Highest arena team:
1570 with resto Druid (17xx in season 4 with a priest.)
BattleGround Rating:
Why does Rated Guild want you over another:
I'm probably friendlier, and I really take pride in my guild.
What separates you from others that play your class:
I know my class better.
What separates you from others that play your spec:
My DPS is higher in raids.
What can you bring to the table:
Top DPS in relative to my gear level. Contribute to the guild level and reputation.
Current Guild:
Time in guild:
1 Week
Last 2 guilds:
Inner Circle (Alliance)

Do you know anyone in Rated: How:



PVE Experience:
BC: Kara, SSC, TK, Hyjal, first 3 bosses in BT. Naxx, Uld, Toc on pally (healer) (not counting raid experiences a month before expansions)
How long you been PVE player:
both pvp/pve player for the times I played the game
Spec you pve with: IE not spec you like, Witch are you best at:
MM or which ever spec is working for the current patch
Willing to change specs on request:
Hours you can attend events:
Weekday Nights, Sunday night.
Others things you think we should know:
Have a pally on alliance, Choclatay (played this character for the most part of wotlk)
Who do you know in Rated:
Tell us a little about who you are
College, BS/MS Accounting
Lives in Long Island, NY
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PostSubject: Re: Application - Badbebe   Fri Apr 29, 2011 1:16 am

You need to get more experience and higher ratings in PvP before we can consider you. Thank you for apply tho.
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Application - Badbebe
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